More often then not, the 1st question people ask about CCTV is “can I see the images on my phone?

So I’ll answer the question for you 1st, yes you can!

When you think of CCTV, it almost goes without saying that camera systems are a great visual deterrent against buglers & other criminal elements, but now CCTV has almost become the basis standard of home and business environments.

We currently install HD systems due to high demand and as technology progresses, they have proven to have a picture quality second to none.

CCTV works on so many levels because IT can be used for many different aspects of your everyday life.

Here are just of some of the reasons customers came to use CCTV:

  • In the HomeTo see who is outside without opening the door, Filter your visitors
  • To keep an eye on children or pets within the perimeter of your home
  • To keep an eye on elderly relatives home alone
  • to view the family home (inside and out) when you are at work or away on holiday
  • To view your vehicles parked on the premises
  • To see who has visited your home whilst your away
  • To check deliveries or view employed staff, such as cleaners/builders