Security Advice

Here’s some helpful advice to keep in mind when securing your property and giving you peace of mind:

  • Check all doors & windows are locked before you leave your premises, also remember to double lock your front door e.g.
  • Double glazed doors, pull your handle up & turn your key until it stops
  • Wooden doors, use the chub lock
  • Don’t leave keys in doors or in view from a letter box or a window
  • Don’t leave electrical goods, money or official documents in view from a letter box or a window
  • Many burglaries happen when properties are unoccupied, making your property appear occupied is a great deterrent & can be as simple as leaving a light on, but using a automatic timer is even better
  • Lock away your garden tools & especially ladders that could be used to break into your premises
  • Having high fences, walls and hedges are great for privacy, but they also allow unwanted visitors to go undetected. Be mindful that your privacy could create an opportunity for others
  • When going away for a period of time, ask a relative, friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your property, remembering to remove post away from the front door
  • Keep phones, money, jewellery and high-value items out of sight to discourage walk-in thefts
  • Don’t advertise on social media sites that you will be away from your property, especially if your profiles are not set to private in your account settings  e.g. Friends and family only as your information could be used by criminals
  • Be careful when deposing of packaging from valuable purchases. This is a red flag for criminals as it immediately identifies what goodies may be contained within your property